Financial Benefits Through Cloud Computing

Financial benefits to both service providers and to organizations that need to use services without maintaining IT infrastructure (Data Center).

    • Tax benefits by the transmission of IT costs from capital (CaPex) to operating (OpEx), expenditures.
    • Reduction of CapEx capital costs by creating a more efficient internal infrastructure.
    • Cost-effective modification of organizations’ computing resources according to their perpetual or seasonal needs.
    • GatherNext provide to yours organization data the best level of security without financial cost.
    • Eliminate/minimize organizations’ manpower workload through IT management by:
      • Managing patches
      • Managing software licenses
      • Maintenance and software support
      • Maintenance and infrastructure support
      • Backup and recovery
  • Use pay-as-you-go pricing model and on-demand self-service for quick, competitive and up-to-date applications or services by your mobile or PC.